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Most countries of the world have glass industries. In Malawi Glassco 2012 Limited is one of leading glass industry. Glassco 2012 ltd is a company that fulfills every need for glass materials and glazing services. The company's shop is located in Lilongwe, Capital city of Malawi near Paul Kagame Highway. The company was established in 2007, but has been in the country for two decades because it took over from another company and expanded the former business to cater for small and large clients whose needs in glass and glazing were not being provided for fully.

Glassco 2012 Limited's core business makes buildings in Malawi look appealing by providing glass to the construction industry as well as other stake holders including the public. The glass provided is of world class glass in most of its forms such as Clear, Obscure, Mirrors, Wired, Laminated and Perspex for vehicles and signage. The company has also supplied the safety bullet proof glass to most banks in the country. The company provides different forms of glass in order to cater for different demands from customers. Besides providing glass to the contractors who make buildings, the company also provides glazing services as per request from various companies; it also provides plastic glasses (Perspex) for cars and minibuses as well as signage boards and picture framing service to customers.

The company's Managing Director, Mr. Zaheer Sattar, believes in contributing to the economic development of the country and provision of better services to its customers. As such, the company has employed more staff and increased its fleet of vehicles for collection and delivery of products procured by its customers. This is done to ensure competitive supply of world class glass and better services to construction companies as well as individuals. By employing a large labor the company helps to contribute more to government revenue through income tax. The growth of the company has seen changes as the premises have been expanded to increase space in the factory and have a large customer hall with Television and proper seats. To Glassco, growth means the company has a firm ground and the sustainability together with dependability, which customers look for in a supplier. The company also has sales depots in other districts of the central and northern regions.

Glassco 2012 Ltd is a member of Malawi Confederation of Chambers, Commerce and Industry (MCCCI), which Mr Sattar, the Managing Director, says helps them acquire an identity and reputation in the market in Malawi.

Glassco 2012 Ltd is a poised to become the supplier of glass and glazing services to all types of customers to meet their various needs. The company's secret to success is making sure that customers are a priority and they should come first at all times. The company imports glass from all over the world from competitive suppliers so that customers in Malawi have diverse choice of glass. For many years, Germany was the major world source of optical glass, laboratory glassware, and glass Christmas tree ornaments. Today, glass manufactures in many countries produce such objects on a large scale. Beautiful art glassware is made in many countries, including the Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Italy and Sweden.